Rising Food Costs; Today and Tomorrow

May 17, 2021

You’ve most likely heard it on the news in recent yearsthat inflation is in check and the Federal Reserve is notconcerned about it. The exception in recent months hasbeen periodic stories about the big jump in lumber priceswhich has increased the price of a new home. Food prices don’t get as much attention but the… View Article

Higher Lumber Prices and
the Housing Market

April 19, 2021

The housing market for owners of existing housesfor sale has been a pleasant experience over the pastyear. In many locations across the country, the sellercan name their price and have often seen a handsomeprofit. The inventory of available homes on the markethas fallen. The new home market has also seen price appreciationbut it hasn’t been… View Article

Impact of a Third Round of Stimulus Checks

March 22, 2021

Americans are hurting. The impact of the ongoing pandemic has continued to create economic disruption for many segments of the economy. The leisure and travel industry, food services, museums and sports stadiums and their employees have all been affected. Thirteen million Americans remain out of work as a direct result of the pandemic. Another two… View Article

COVID Vaccination Situation and Impact

January 19, 2021

Most of America, and much of the world, let out acollective sigh of relief as the promise of a vaccinebefore the end of 2020 became reality. What would have been impossible only a year or two agobecame a scientific, governmental and medical triumph.While maintaining safety protocols, the red tape wasremoved, massive funding was made available… View Article

Oil Price Sustainability

December 28, 2020

Some of the world’s biggest oil producers have differentbreak-even points in order to profit off of a barrel of oil.The difference between the price for Saudi Arabia andRussia is dramatic. This difference has caused the twocountries to approach the sale of oil very differently. Russia needs to earn a much higher price per barrelcompared to… View Article

Housing Market Soars During Pandemic

November 30, 2020

Nobody could be faulted for believing that everything has come to a screeching halt during the coronavirus pandemic. After all, the unemployment rate skyrocketed afterhitting a historic low in February. Many segments of the economy have been all but put out of business.The cruise lines saw business drop to nearly nothing.The airlines have only been… View Article